Easy Apple Dumpling Dessert

All the deliciousness of apple dumplings but without all the work!  You’ll love these Easy Apple Dumplings! I remember as a child, watching my mom make old fashioned apple dumplings.  It was always fascinating to see her adept hands mixing up the dough from scratch, cutting it into squares and then carefully wrapping each square…

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Eli Benjamin

Welcome, Sweet Baby!

We’re feeling incredibly blessed around here!  This precious little boy, Eli Benjamin, joined our family a week ago.  And we’ve been so busy learning to know him and just enjoying his cuddly 7 lb. and 14 oz. of sweetness that I never got an update posted here.  But can you blame me?    I know how fast…

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Blogging Changes and Life

LIFE Well, I never intended to disappear from blogging for 2 weeks, but it happened anyway….and I feel like I owe you, my dear readers, an explanation. Most of you probably saw my pregnancy announcement in my blog post several weeks ago.  This pregnancy has zapped my energy like none of my other four pregnancies…

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A Weekend Break

  It’s been a little quiet here on the blog this week and I just thought I should pop in and let you know what’s happening. We are spending several days at a cabin with family, so I decided to try to take a real vacation and not do much blogging.  As a result, I…

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Beilers floor Close up

Merry Christmas….

….from our family to yours!  I hope your day today is wonderful as you celebrate. I’m very aware though, that Christmas isn’t always a joyful time for everyone.  I remember well how hard it felt to enjoy Christmas 4 years ago, just 6 weeks after we lost our little baby girl.  I wanted to feel…

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