Super Easy Robot Cake

Learn how to make this fun, easy robot cake. It’s perfect for birthdays and is made from a simple 9×13 cake. And isn’t it the cutest robot ever?!

Easy Robot Boy Birthday Cake

For his 7th birthday, our son wanted a robot cake.  Well, actually he’s the indecisive type and that was what he finally settled on after lots and lots of deliberating.  And after getting numerous of his great ideas vetoed by me because I’m no birthday cake making expert and can’t handle anything that’s too complicated.  (Am I the only mom that does that?!)  But when he finally did decide that a robot cake is what I should make, I was kind of excited, because it sounded like a fun idea…and it was!

And didn’t our Mr. Robot turn out to be quite cute?   We sure thought so!  Let me show you how to make your own easy robot cake.



  • 9 x 13 Cake Pan (I really like this one)
  • Serated Knife (I used my favorite bread knife)
  • Cake Board (optional, but handy to place the cake on)
  • Pancake Turner (to move cake pieces)
  • Mixing Bowl (I have the Pampered Chef version of this and use it all.the.time!)
  • Food coloring (I prefer the food coloring gels because they mix in nicely)
  • Small Sized Blade Ultra Spatula (makes it easy to frost the cake nicely)


  • cake mix or homemade cake recipe of your choice
  • Icing of your choice (I love this buttercream frosting recipe)
  • 2 Oreo cookies
  • 13 chocolate covered mini donuts
  • lollipop
  • M&M’s


1.  Mix up cake and bake in a 9 x 13 cake pan, according to the recipe that you use.  Once cake has cooled, invert pan and carefully remove cake from pan.*  Flipping it onto parchment paper or saran wrap will help reduce the mess.

Easy Robot Boy Birthday Cake cutting
2.  Using a serated knife, cut cake into 5 pieces as shown.

3.  Arrange cake on cake board -I covered mine with tin foil-, using piece #2 for the head and piece #4 for the body.  Place a chocolate covered doughnut between the 2 pieces to create a neck.

Tip: Using a pancake turner to move pieces around works really well!

Easy Robot Boy Birthday Cake (Feet)

4.  Cut piece #5 into feet.  I trimmed off the rounded end part and then cut what was left in half.  Then I simply trimmed off the one corner of each half to make a shoe shape.  Place 6 chocolate covered doughnuts below body to create legs and then position the shoe pieces at the end.

(You will not need piece #1 and #3.  I went ahead and frosted them and we enjoyed them for dessert.)

5.  Using your mixing bowl, mix up your frosting, then add food coloring to get the desired shade and color.

If you are using dark colored M&M’s for decoration, you will want to keep the frosting color light.

6.  Remove the doughnut “neck” and “legs”, then frost cake.  I like to do a really thin first coat of frosting to “seal” in the crumbs and then go over it all again with a thicker second coating.

Carefully push the doughnut “neck” and “legs” back into place, touching up frosting as needed.

7.  Gently push 3 M&M’s into each shoe, creating “buttons”.

Easy Robot Boy Birthday Cake (Arm)

8.  Take 2 doughnuts and cut out a small notch to create a hand as shown in the picture above.  Then arrange 10 doughnuts, 5 on either side, to create arms, placing the “hand” doughnuts at the end.

Easy Robot Boy Birthday Cake (Head)

9.  Decorate the head.  To make the eyes, carefully pull Oreos apart, leaving all icing in tact on one cookie, then add a brown M&M.  The remaining Oreo cookie halves will become the ears.  Shape a smile out of M&M’s.  Finally, add a doughnut with a lollipop pushed through the center to the top of the head.

Easy Robot Boy Birthday Cake (Body)

10.  Decorate the body, using different colored M&M’s to create your design.  I found it helpful to arrange my M&M’s in the pattern that I wanted, before putting them on the cake.


* Lining your pans with parchment paper makes the cake easier to remove.  Also, I like to wrap my cakes in plastic wrap and then freeze for several hours before frosting them.  This makes them easier to frost because there are less crumbs due to the cake being frozen.

* If you are planning to feed a lot of people, you probably will want to make an additional non-decorated cake since this robot cake ends up actually not using a whole 9 x 13 cake.


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    • ThriftyFrugalMom says

      Thanks, Jo! It really was super easy and fun to decorate too. I only wish that I would have used red M&M’s for the 7 on the body to make it stand out more. But my son loved it and didn’t mind, so I suppose it didn’t really matter. :)

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